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Asset Protection

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Protect Your Assets: A Comprehensive Guide to Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard to amass your wealth, but what would happen if something happened to you? If you do not have an effective asset protection plan, your assets could be at risk.


In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss all the different ways you can protect your assets. We will cover everything from estate planning to business succession planning to trust, providing you a much better understanding of asset protection and how it can help protect your wealth.

The Purpose of Asset Protection

What is asset protection, and why do you need it? Asset protection is taking steps to protect your assets from creditors in the event of a legal dispute.


In plain terms, it is a way to ensure you don’t lose everything if you end up in court. No one can predict the future, and you never know when you might find yourself involved in a lawsuit. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that your assets are safe regardless of the outcome?

Different Types of Asset Protection

There are a few different types of asset protection that you can use to safeguard your assets.

  • The most common type of asset protection is holding assets in a trust. When you put your assets into a trust, they are technically owned by the trust, which provides some legal protection from creditors.
  • Another common type of asset protection is setting up a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC is a company that you create to own your assets. LLCs provide robust legal protection from creditors.
  • There are a few less-common types of asset protection, such as forming an offshore company or other legal entities to hold assets.

Talk to an attorney to determine which asset protection is best for you.

Business Succession Planning

One of the most critical aspects of asset protection is planning. What will happen to your business when you can no longer run it?

A well-crafted succession plan can ensure that your business will be safe when you can no longer manage it yourself. It can also help to protect your business from being seized by creditors or other parties in the event of a lawsuit. You can use various strategies for succession planning, but the most important thing is to start early and ensure all your bases are covered.

High Net Worth Planning

As you accumulate more assets, it becomes increasingly important to put in place a plan to protect them. Without proper planning, you could be at risk of paying more estate taxes than necessary and could lose your assets in the event of a lawsuit, divorce, or another unforeseen event.

That is where high net worth planning comes in. This specialized area of estate planning can help you safeguard your assets against potential threats. Some strategies include creating revocable and irrevocable trusts and setting up LLCs. If you are concerned about protecting your wealth, you must speak with an experienced estate planning attorney who can advise you on the best course of action for you and your family.

Wealth Preservation

You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth, and now you want to ensure it is protected for the remainder or your life and preserved for your family’s benefit for generations to come. Good decision! Wealth preservation is essential for any high-net-worth individual. There are several ways to protect your assets, and the right strategy will depend on your specific needs and situation.

Wealth preservation is best achieved through a comprehensive estate plan that incorporates revocable and irrevocable trusts as well as limited liability entities. Whatever route you choose, it’s essential to consult an experienced wealth preservation specialist to ensure you’re getting the best possible protection for your hard-earned money.

The Benefits of Asset Protection

So, what are the benefits of asset protection? There are several:

  1. It can help you protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit.
  2. It can help you protect your business assets in the event of a business lawsuit or bankruptcy.
  3. It can help you protect your assets from creditors and debt collectors.
  4. It can help you protect your assets from probate and estate taxes.
  5. It can help you pass more of your assets on to your children and loved ones.
  6. It can help you protect your assets from future lawsuits or legal judgments.
  7. Lastly, it can help you keep your financial affairs private and confidential.

How to Create an Asset Protection Plan

You’re ready to start protecting your assets—the first step is to create a plan. Your plan should be tailored to your needs and consider your current financial situation and future goals. Here are a few tips for creating an effective asset protection plan:

  1. Assess your risk. The first step is assessing your risk and identifying the assets you need to protect. This includes your home, savings, investments, and business interests.
  2. Choose the proper protection strategy. There are a variety of asset protection strategies available, so you need to choose the one that is right for you. The most common methods include revocable and irrevocable trusts and limited liability companies (LLCs),.
    1. Meet with an attorney. It is essential to seek professional advice when creating your asset protection plan. An attorney can help you choose the right strategy and ensure all your legal bases are covered.

Asset Protection Strategies

There are several asset protection strategies that you can use to safeguard your assets in the event of a lawsuit or other unforeseen circumstance. These include creating revocable and irrevocable trusts, and establishing limited liability companies (LLCs),.

These strategies can be custom tailored to your specific circumstances, situation and wishes, so it’s essential to consult with an attorney to figure out which one is right for you. By taking these precautions, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money and assets are safe and protected for your lifetime and your family’s lives.

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If you are serious about protecting your assets, you should consider working with an asset planning attorney. At Law Offices of Michael K. Lanning, APLC, our team of experienced lawyers can help you create a comprehensive plan that will safeguard your wealth and assets for years to come.

We understand the importance of asset protection and are dedicated to helping our clients secure their financial future. If you’re interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

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No one knows when the subsequent lawsuit, business failure, or natural disaster will strike. But with the right asset protection plan in place, you can rest a little easier knowing that you and your family are prepared for whatever comes your way. Get the best legal counsel when creating your asset protection plan from Law Offices of Michael K. Lanning, APLC today.

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