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Estate administration is the process by which an individual’s lifetime financial affairs are wound up and their property and assets distributed after they die. Sounds simple? It can be direct, but sometimes it isn’t. Financial succession can be tricky.

Sometimes a person appoints someone they know to act as administrator. These appointees can also be financial or legal professionals. Someone must see that the assets of the deceased are distributed according to the will. If a person hasn’t designated anyone to handle the distribution of their estate upon their death, the court will appoint an administrator to manage the final details.

Duties of an Estate Administrator in California

Like most states, California requires specific duties of administrators.

Probate Administrative Attorneys

Administrators are held to a strict fiduciary standard about the actions they take in carrying out those duties. If you have a loved one who has passed away, we strongly encourage you to contact a qualified California probate administration attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will assist you with what can be a complex probate administration process from beginning to end and will serve as a trusted advisor on whatever legal issues may arise.


Perhaps you’ve been nominated by the decedent’s will to serve as the Executor of an estate, or a loved one has passed away without a will. Administration can seem daunting. Worse, if you fail to perform the duties required, you could be held personally liable.

For someone who has a simple estate or a simple will, this process can be very straightforward. Usually, the biggest challenge for an Executor is ensuring the estate is distributed according to the terms of the will. If the decedent made a complicated will or set conditions under which different heirs can inherit, this can lead to a lengthy process of determining exactly who is the legal heir for any given asset. If someone challenges the will, the executor is responsible for defending it.

We Can Help with Your Estate Administration Needs

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