Estate Tax Planning: An Important Part of Estate Planning

With inflation at a 40-year high and the likelihood of a tax increase in the future, it’s normal to worry about how your taxes and finances will be affected. You’ve accumulated assets during your lifetime. You plan to transfer the wealth to your heirs or perhaps a charity or some other worthy recipient.

Estate tax planning is integral in this process. Without it, unanticipated tax hits can carve away at your estate and seriously disrupt your plans and aspirations. Being diligent about estate tax planning can help manage your future tax liability and maximize the legacy you leave behind. You did not work all your life to see everything go up in tax smoke.

Federal Taxes

On the high end, federal estate taxes can reach 40%. This means that if you have $1 million over and above the estate tax exemption, you will hand $400,000 over to the IRS and leave $600,000 behind to give away. And that’s not even accounting for any state tax liability.

Under federal estate tax exemption, everyone has an estate or gift tax exemption, sometimes referred to as a basic exclusion amount or unified tax credit. This exemption designates the number of assets you can give away, either throughout your life or after your death, without being subject to federal estate or gift taxes. For 2021, the federal estate tax exemption was $11.7 million per person; in 2022, it is $12.06 million. Married couples can double that amount.

Reducing Capital Gains Tax: A Few Strategies

Other options to consider:

Let’s Talk Estate Tax Planning

When it comes to estate planning, these strategic moves are just the tip of the estate planning iceberg. Only a qualified estate tax planner can suggest all the options available. Estate tax planning is a mind-bending task. You need a competent financial pro to guide you through the morass—don’t let taxes take a bite out of your financial future.

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